Analizing an advertisement

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This means that being able to read barely beats out having a television in your home. Most of us were taught to read when we were very young, but did we ever learn how to watch television?We watch our television shows, and many of us get annoyed when a commercial interrupts our program.

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The advertisement for Hairclub uses an attention device and visual imagery in the ad. It is a full page ad, again showing a good looking male and female wearing bathing suits, both with a full set of hair/5(10).

Explain how the FAT-P strategy works when analyzing TV Commercials: Form is TV commercial - a short clip of video that uses both visual (what you see) and aural (what you hear) input.

Analyzing Ads: Gender Details Written by Angela Eward-Mangione, Emma Brown, and Susan Gail Taylor Parent Category: Information Literacy The primary function of a visual advertisement is to sell a specific product, service, or idea: Is the product prominently displayed?

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Or, is it less noticeable than other aspects of the advertisement?

Analizing an advertisement
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