Art timeline

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Art Timeline

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Discover the important dates of the surrealist movement with our historical timeline of the surrealism. Guillaume Apollinaire uses the word surrealist for the first time. Paolozzi presented a lecture to the IG at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London using a series of collages titled Bunk!

The work included found objects such as advertising, comic book characters, magazine covers and various mass-produced graphics that referenced American popular culture.

Oceania Timeline

Art History Timeline Art Periods/ Movements Dates Chief Artists and Major Works Characteristics Historical Events Mesopotamia - Ancient Near. The New Edition. The Met’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History pairs essays and works of art with chronologies, telling the story of art and global culture through the Museum’s collection.

Funded by the Heilbrunn Foundation, New Tamarind Foundation, and Zodiac Fund. Our Art History Timelines outline the stylistic development of Western and Modern Art from In order to fully appreciate the work of any artist or art movement it is necessary to understand its position in the Art History Timeline.

MOCA — or the Art Gallery of North York, or MOCCA, all of which figure into the plucky museum’s patchwork history — has covered miles and years from Mel Lastman Square all the way, finally.

Art timeline
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Art History Timelines