Eco map

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Amazon River

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Ecological Footprint Quiz

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If you wish to see more detail about the sites, and filter them according to your needs (access for the disabled, type of beach, type of boating activity, etc.) we recommend you visit the.

Ecolabel Index is the independent global directory of ecolabels and environmental certification schemes. An eco-map (or ecomap) is a graphical representation that shows all of the systems at play in an individual's life.

Eco-maps are used in individual and family. An Ecomap is a diagram often used by social workers or nurses that shows the social and personal relationships of an individual with his or her environment.

Northwest Vietnam is a captivating mix of dramatic mountainscapes, and an aesthetic geophysical landscape shaped by nature and by man. Amist the crisp, fresh air lives a mix of colourfully-clothed hilltribes. ETHOS have a wide range of experiences, from trekking through hill tribe villages, ethnic minority homestays, textile workshops, &motorbiking adventures throughout Northwest Vietnam.

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Eco map
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