Industrial policies

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Industrial Policy

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Industrial Policy: 4 Major Objectives of Industrial Policy (India)

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Summary of India’s Industrial Policy

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Industrial policy

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industrial policy Definition Government policy to influence which industries expand and, perhaps implicitly, which contract, via subsidies, tax breaks. In short, industrial policy must become part of the public agenda—that ongoing process of debate and analysis reflected in newspapers, journals, public affairs programs, and classrooms.

America’s industrial policy

Industrial policy is defined as the strategic effort by the state to encourage the development and growth of a sector of the economy.

It refers to “any type of selective intervention or government policy that attempts to alter the structure of production toward sectors that are expected to offer better prospects for economic growth than would occur in the absence of such intervention” (Pack and Saggi, ).

Industrial Policies. Investment Incentives The minimum foreign investment to qualify for GOK investment incentives is $, a potential deterrent to foreign small and medium enterprise investment, especially in the services sector. Start studying Industrial policy. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

So the American industrial policy is to over-consume, promote agriculture, military production, housing and construction, medical care, finance, and provision of a variety of services while moving.

Industrial policies
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