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If a mill did not make a congener body, EPA used an industry-average distribution to ignore the mass of each congener prided. Find International Paper Company jobs in Prattville, AL.

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Search for full time or part time employment opportunities on Jobs2Careers. Prattville, AL Business; Prattville, AL Top Employers Prattville, AL Top Employers Despite its reputation as a commuter town, Prattville is home to booming manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies.

International Paper Company, employees, boxboard. Kinedyne Corporation,More Articles About Prattville, AL. Fun Things To Do. Mr. Creamer was a longtime member of First Baptist Church Prattville and First Presbyterian Church Prattville. He retired from Union Camp/International Paper after forty years of service.

During these years he worked in the wood yard and the maintenance department. Prattville, AL Manage all maintenance, project engineering, and process control engineering activities at the Prattville Mill to ensure the Title: Mill Manager at International Paper.

International Paper Co at Jensen Rd, Prattville, AL international paper - prattville prattville location • international paper - prattville prattville address • international paper - prattville prattville Prattville, AL United States.

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