Magnetic paper clip holder

40mm Grenade Paper Clip Holder -- Magnetic

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Magnetic Tool Holders. Each has the same specifications to tool holders in clamshell packaging. When mounted, all of these tool holders are held firmly in place by welded tabs, with 1/4” holes for screws, which are more secure and durable than metal clips or rubber strips.

PAPER & STATIONERY Printing Paper Copy & Multipurpose Paper Color Printing Paper Photo Paper Large Quantity Paper Notes & Notebooks Notebooks Notepads Filler Paper Cardstock Colored Paper Index Cards Post-it & Sticky Notes. The Frankenstein Paper Clip Holder glows in the dark and has a magnetic head so you can stash all your spare paper clips on his bald glowing green head.

Part creepy, part practical, the Frankenstein head comes complete with a bolt in his neck, some funky shades and real weird teeth. Safety cone paper clip holder helps keep your desk tidy while doubling as a paperweight. Magnets built into the cone ensuring the paper clips never come loose.

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Mar 27,  · DIY - paper clips and magnetic tabs artsongandsoul. My new twist on altered paper clips! Magnetic paper clip for journals,planners and diaries DIY -.

Blossom Magnetic Paper Clip Holder by Design Ideas Magnetic paper clip holder
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