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Viking Eggeling, Olga Neuwirth: Symphonie Diagonale

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Symphonie Diagonale (Diagonal Symphony)

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Viking Eggeling

Viking Eggeling began his filmatic experiments in His first attempt was to make a film after the first drawn roll of film he had made, “Horizontal Vertical Orchestra>’. In the spring of he started working on the only film that has survived, Diagonal Symphony”.

Ihre von Deutschlandradio Kultur und dem Ensemble ascolta in Auftrag gegebene Musik zu Viking Eggelings Symphonie Diagonale fügt dem filmischen Meisterwerk eine ganz eigene musikalische Dimension hinzu. Symphonie Diagonale (Diagonal Symphony) is one of the earliest works in abstract film to have been conserved and it is the only one by this artist that has survived to our day.

During the film white geometric shapes appear, constantly being generated over a black background, in the form of luminous lines that emerge from nowhere.

Viking Eggeling was an avant-garde artist and filmmaker connected to Dada, Constructivism and Abstract art and was one of the pioneers in absolute film and visual music.

His film Symphonie diagonale [Diagonal Symphony] is one of the seminal abstract films in the history of experimental cinema.

Viking Eggeling was a Swedish avant-garde artist and filmmaker connected to dadaism, Constructivism and abstract art and was one of the pioneers in absolute film and visual music. His film Diagonal-Symphonie is one of the seminal abstract films in the history of experimental 21 OctoberLund, Sweden.

Viking Eggeling Diagonal symphony: Viking Eggeling Die Diagonalsinfonie: Diagonal symphony = Die Diagonalsinfonie Diagonalsinfonie: Responsibility: tolkning av Gösta Werner och Bengt Edlund.

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