Week 5 comp230 quiz

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Week 5 Quiz 80% of all incidents are a result of internal attacks. List four inappropriate usages from users Spamming coworkers Accessing prohibited websites Purposely circumventing security policies Sending files with sensitive data outside the organization.

(TCO 5) When a subroutine or function is useful, you may want to use it more than once within a program or in other programs. This concept is known as _____. (TCO 5) Which one of the following is a feature of good program design? 1. (TCO 3) What decision structure will perform the following logic?

if customerCode is not equal to 1 then discount = else discount = 2.

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Computer Science Engineering & Technology Sometimes we have so much data that we want to work with a smaller random sample of it.

Write a function random_sample(data_list, sample_size) that returns a new list of sample_size random elements from data_list. Question description.

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Week 5 comp230 quiz
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