Writing apso notes

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Successful Implementation of APSO Notes Across a Major Health System

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APSO notes: Improving the Readability of EHRs December 7, General Medicine Grand Rounds, CT Lin MD (PCPs), and if time allowed, to convert as much of the rest of the organization to APSO notes.

Over the past 6 months, 70% of PCPs are now documenting in APSO format in the current EHR (Touchworks) and % of the PCP clinics. Writing APSO Notes In our survey, % of clinicians reported writing “most” or “all” of their notes in APSO format, whereas % “frequently” write in.

Apr 26,  · Writing in the same order is done to keep notes organized. Maintain patient confidentiality. Although the information contained in SOAP notes can be shared by other medical professionals who are also treating the patient, violating patient privacy laws is a serious offense%().

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Writing apso notes
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Successful Implementation of APSO Notes Across a Major Health System